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These days rules and regulations for carrying work out on site are becoming more and more stringent, many of the rules on site can be irritating but every now and then a rule or law is introduced that is for the better and the EDMA Rod Cutter represents exactly that.

In 2005 The Regulatory Reford (Fire Safety) set out THE LAW regarding general fire safety. The CDM Regulations 2007 also impose duties including preventing risk from fire, the fire risk relating to site activities must always be assessed and set out precautions to control:

  • Combustible materials - the quantity of combustible materials on site should be kept to the minimum and all such materials safely stored and used.
  • Ignition sources - action is needed to eliminate, reduce and control ignition sources on site.

It is the "Ignition sources" section that we are most interested in, specifically the "taking action to control ignition sources".

  • Hot work:  all hot work generating heat, sparks or flame can cause a fire.

Metro Fixings stock two machines that are specifically built to cut threaded and non threaded bar in a clean, noise and spark free way. The cutting jaws also provide a beautiful clean cut which means that whatever you are cutting can be bolted straight away, there is no need for creating further work by deburring. 

The EDMA Rod Cutter comes in two seperate sizes, the flagship model is the EDMA Rod Cutter 0659, the 0659 is suitable for cutting diameters 6,8 and 10mm. The EDMA Mini Rod Cutter 0650  is a slightly smaller version of the original 0659, The Mini is ideal for cutting threaded rod diameters 4 and 6mm.

The EDMA Rod Cutter machines must only cut mild steel grade 4.6 threaded bar, it is not suited for cutting either high tensile grade 8.8 steel or stainless steel. Attempting to cut either would result in the jaws being damaged and needing replacement, Metro Fixings also supply Replacement Rod Cutting Dies Jaws which are easily replaced.

The Edma Rod Cutters small footprint makes it ideal for and workshop and will fit comfortably in any work van.