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Thanks to a feature on the BBC Morning Live programme, which aired on BBC 1 on the 31st of July 2023, we have found a plethora of fake "voucher / coupon" websites offering discount vouchers/coupons for use on the Metro Fixings website, metrofixings.co.uk.

These fake vouchers are extremely easy to find, if you type into any major internet search engine "metro fixings voucher code", a series of options will appear that are completely fake and fraudulent, see below for an example.

These websites are in no way affiliated with Metro Fixings, they are using our branding without permission, they have been issued with cease and desist notices. We do not ever use third party websites or external companies to offer discounts, or price promotions. These advertised discount codes are fake and will not work.

Fraudulent voucher code websites are designed to mislead you into entering personal data by promising discounts that are not valid.

The sources behind these fraudulent sites can use your information and combine this with other sources to provide a clear picture of your identity in order to conduct identity theft or other types of fraud. Some can steal your personal details and some can even install spyware or viruses on your device.

We would always prefer that customers pick up the telephone and have a conversation with us about any potential discount for purchasing in bulk, contact the sales team on 01707 375172.

You will only find official promotions from us in the following places;


  • The Metro Fixings website - www.metrofixings.co.uk
  • Emails directly from Metro Fixings.
  • Direct mail shots 
  • Metro Fixings own social media LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

We strongly advise that if you are a UK customer and you have been a victim of fraud that you report the incident to https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/.

If you have any questions relating to this issue (specifically relating to the Metro Fixings website), please feel free to contact Gary Sanderson, who will be happy to discuss the issue, on 01707 375172.

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