Type 2 Fix

Button-fix Type 2

For easily removable panels

Connects panels at 90° or to a frame and engages with a straight push. Ideal for panels with no clearance above or at the side and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access.

Both parts of the connector are moulded from nylon PA66 - a strong and robust engineering polymer. As a general guide, four Button-fix Type 2 fasteners on a vertical panel will support loads weighing up to a maximum of 50kg (110lbs), provided that the screws and substrate are properly matched and all other installation instructions complied with. Never use Type 2 Button-fix on ceiling panels.

Manufactured in the UK.


Button-fix Type 2 Fix + Blue Button

for Countersunk Woodscrews 171-004-21

Product Code: 86BF17100421

Per 100


Button-fix Type 2 Fix ONLY (No Button)

for 90 deg Panels 171-004-1

Product Code: 86BF1710041

Per 100


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Button-fix Type 2 fasteners: an overview

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